Maxillofacial orthognathics is one of the field of dentistry which not only treats disharmony of the teeth, occlusion, jaw bone or face arising from developmental impairments or congenital anomalies but also it is a clinical field that cooperates with other related clinical fields to eliminate morphological and functional disharmonies of the oral cavity through comprehensive treatment planning to achieve as much as possible a healthy state.
Research in maxillofacial orthognatics aims at elucidating the cause of these disharmonies, to establish preventative methods and to improve and develop diagnosis and treatment.
Recent advances in orthognathic treatment which combine orthognathic surgery and bone distraction osteogenesis have made possible the improvement or reconstruction of severe malocclusions associated congenital anomalies or disharmony of the jaw which were unable to be treated in the past.
However, there are still many diseases of unknown pathology or unestablished treatment method, and research into the cause and prevention of congenital anomalies and growth and development impairment or prevention have just begun.
With the introduction of health insurance into the orthodontic treatment of jaw deformities and congenital anomalies, it is expected that the number of patients who wish to treat malocclusion by orthognathic treatment will increase.
Our mission is to respond to the expectations of all of these patients and continue to research to contribute to the further development of maxillofacial orthognathics.